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Personal Branding With Empowered By Abi

Having fun was what this brand shoot was all about. Abi is a brand couch who help women struggling to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. I love her approach because she is effortless and always about her clients. She's all about you and your business which is amazing in the time we are in.

This shoot was by far a favourite for me because not only did I learn a lot from her but we had soo much fun. There were times she would just look in the mirror and have the biggest smile... not if thats not capturing the beauty from within I don't know what is.

Check her out on IG @empoweredbyabi. Her site launch is April 16, 2021 so make sure to stop by and show her some love Im so excited for her!!!


The colours and vibe is everything for your brand shoot.

IG @empoweredbyabi.

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