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Let it snow!!!

Living in Canada has some amazing advantages. You get to meet people of many nationalities. You can order food from Jamaica and India all on the same block and now get it delivered to your house!!! But the true beauty of living here is how beautiful this place can look all season long. I won't lie I am a sucker for fall colour's but winter can give you such amazing light. On the first day of snow or even the day after the softness of snow can make anyone look amazing.

Below are some images from Kamshuka's session where I followed her on an interview with Global TV where they did a segment on Racism which will be airing this week. Kamshuka is a "Mindfulness Practitioner" and "Certified Life & Wellness Coach" with the focus on Self love. With the pandemic happening we did the interview outside in -3 weather which was ruff on my hands but so worth it so see these images.

We had so much fun that day we even stopped at the Distillery to capture some more!!!

Sending Love & Light your way... Shani

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