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Feature Friday's

Welcome to Feature Fridays: Women in Business! Every Friday, we are excited to shine a spotlight on the incredible women making a significant impact in the business world. From entrepreneurs and innovators to small business owners and industry leaders, these remarkable women are breaking barriers, inspiring others, and carving a path toward success.

Today holds a unique significance for me and its so fitting that this is my last Feature Friday for 2023. Allow me to introduce my coach Ms. Jai. I met her first over a zoom call a few months ago and I must admit, the moment she began speaking, I instinctively knew that this was the perfect coach for me. Ms Jai is the CEO of Beautiful Women Society which is a vibrant community dedicated to empowering women in every aspect of their lives. We believe that personal, professional, and business development are interconnected threads that weave the fabric of a truly fulfilled and successful woman. The Beautiful Women Society is more than just an organization; it's a source of energy and inspiration. When women support each other, incredible things happen, you feel motivated, empowered, and capable of reaching new heights. Together, we celebrate the beauty of drive, resilience, innovation and progression! Let's Flyy!

What inspire you to start your business?

I stopped growing, and I am a firm believer that developing oneself is not a one-time effort but an ongoing journey. I became committed to providing a platform for women to continuously enhance their knowledge, refine their skills, and expand their capacity. Through engaging workshops, informative sessions, and collaborative learning experiences, I empower women to stay on a trajectory of constant improvement.

Looking at where you are now what would you tell your younger self?

Good job, because you took the path less traveled and built your knowledge, skill, and capacity with little to no resources. However you recognized you were building for the future! Thank you!

What is the biggest challenge you faced being a woman in business?

I don't really subscribe to this theory, if I can't sit at your table, I will learn and build my own, that's all!

What aspects of your work are you most passionate about, and how does it drive your business forward?

The facial expression women have when they recognize their drive, resilience, innovation, and progression. Stepping into their true power and how it changes their lives. This drives my business forward because they begin contributing to the environment of growth and sustainability. Most importantly, they recognize how to spread their wings and flyy! (Yup, two y's)

What advice would you give an aspiring female entrepreneur who are just starting their journey?

Call me...and let's start the journey, together!

What do you wish more people knew about YOU?

Hmm, that I LOVE what I do, and that I was blessed with patience...I got you!

How do you handle setbacks and failures in your business, and what have you learned from them?

It empowers me, challenges me, and encourages me to look beyond my knowledge, skills, capacity and belief systems. I have learned that you cannot predict what is on the next side, through a door, or in the skies, so I am always excited to seek knowledge from others wisdom, seek growth in others skills, and seek progression through others capacity...there is no need to do this alone!

In what ways do you believe woman can uplift and empower each other?

Show up and show out! Every woman in my circle and Society contribute to progression through 3 C's - Commitment, Consistency, and Community. The energy that derives from collective movement is powerful, but you must give as much as you take.

How do you maintain self care while running a business?

I hone my skills in organization, prioritization, delegation, and focus. This gives the ability to balance my commitments and stay consistent in the process....and laughing with your girlfriends is a MUST! LOOOOL!!!

Is there anything else you would like to share about your journey to experience?

I have accomplished much in my years and know that I have much more to achieve. I would leave with this, don't take for granted what you have been given, time is not promised, so go hard for what you want, crush procrastination, and leave excuses to mediocrity.

You were born to be great, now go out and manifest it!

Josette Holness aka Ms. Jai

IG @beautifulwomensociety



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